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BarkHappy, New Mobile App for Dog Owners Launches Nationwide

BarkHappy®, a location-based, crowd-sourced mobile app created to help dogs and their owners discover the dog-friendly world around them, launched nationally today. The app offers a unique and creative way to socialize dogs and help communities better engage their four-legged family members by showing dog-friendly places, dog-friendly events, and even has lost-and-found alerts. The app is designed to foster a connected community of dogs and dog owners through real-life experiences while also creating a platform for dog-friendly businesses and events.

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Kyon Pet Tracker - Kickstarter Campaign

Kyon, a new company based in Athens, Greece, launched the Kyon Pet Tracker, an all-in-one pet collar designed to let owners communicate with their pets. The company also launched a Kickstarter campaign to attract backer support to put the Kyon collar into production.

The Kyon collar comes equipped with embedded GPS technology and an LED display. It works with a user-friendly mobile application that enables owners to monitor, track and receive information or alerts about their pets. The collar establishes a safe zone of 65 to 300 feet; if the pet escapes that range, the owner immediately receives a push notification on their cell phone, and a message appears on the collar’s LED display that says, “I’m lost, please call 555-1234.”

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Get your paws on the latest pet tech at CES 2016

People will do (and buy) just about anything for their pets. This year's CES proved that now more than ever, pets are getting connected. These new tech toys for pets are sure to bow-wow you.

Here are 5 of the coolest pet tech at CES 2016 - CleverPet, PawsCam, PitPat, PetBot, PetCube

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